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As a team leader, you sometimes face tough challenges with your team. Traditional ways to deal with those challenges don’t always work. A lot of leaders resolve to take their team out of the office to deal with the challenges at hand.

But does that always work?!

After conducting extensive research, we found that in “out of office” events people end up having fun. But what about your message? Was it clearly sent? Did it create the desired impact? Usually not...

At LOGIC Corporate Events, your objectives are totally immersed in the event design, creating a relevant “THEME” to ensure the objective is achieved.

We guarantee that your team are totally engaged and having fun while subconsciously your message is being transmitted.

Our Methodology:

1. Theme:

The first thing we do is design a theme totally customized around your objective..


2.Subconscious Mind:

The theme/activities make people totally focused on what they see & do, while their subconscious mind is receiving the message you want to transmit.


3.The Conscious Mind:

This is when we reflect on the day, and what they did in relation to the message/objectives you want to achieve. That’s when we get the “Oh, Now I get it”








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