Developing a Successful Export Strategy


Many companies usually begin their export activity haphazardly, without carefully screening markets or options for market entry. While those companies may or may not have a measure of success, they may overlook several export opportunities. An export strategy/plan should be designed every 3-5 years and during this period it could be updated by further market research. Formulating an export strategy based on good information and proper assessment increases the chances that the best options will be chosen, that resources will be efficiently used, and that efforts will consequently be carried through to completion.

“EXPORT MAPPING©” focuses on developing international market intelligence. The program provides you with the practical methods and updated sources of information to develop your export strategy, open new markets and expand existing ones.


What’s in it for me?

You will be able to develop an in-house export strategy & conduct an international market research in a way that would make you able to open new export markets or expand existing ones.


What will I find unique about this course?

“EXPORT MAPPING©”” is a unique program providing a step-by-step guide to developing a successful export strategy. This program simply highlights the different techniques for conducting an international market research, provides the necessary skills to search for relevant data and information online and develops interactive market intelligence helping their export activity.


Is it right for me?

“EXPORT MAPPING©” is designed for those who wish to develop an in-house export strategy, conduct their own international market research and manage its outcomes, timeframe, and budget in case of outsourcing. Export managers, marketing managers, export specialists, members of market research teams/market intelligence units, as well as others involved directly or indirectly with the export activities are particularly suited for this program.


What will it cover?

“EXPORT MAPPING©” will cover the following topics:

  • International Market Research vs. Export Strategy
    • Are they related??
    • How can they be aligned??
  • Research at Different Export Strategy PhasesChecking Sources of Information
    • Market Selection Phase
      • Selection Criteria.
      • Potential Export Markets.
    • Market Access Requirements PhaseCompetitors’ Analysis – SWOT Analysis Phase
      • Potential vs. Priority Export Markets.
      • Legislative & Non-legislative Regulations.
      • Tariff, Customs Duties, & Non-Tariff Barriers.
    • Market Entry Strategy and Marketing Mix Phase

Highlights of the Course:

  • Export strategy/plan detailed mapping
  • Tested techniques & tools for developing an export strategy
  • Instant application of learning
  • Hands-on practical experience of trainers


Duration 1&2 April 2014 - 2 full days (10 am – 6 pm)
Language English (Arabic shall be used for explanation)
Participants 10-15
Fees 1,800 EGP