Kalimat (Business Writing)






What’s Unique?

We are all writers now; more so than any point in our history. The secretary, who was often able to make sense of confusing dictation, is all but gone. Now, we do our own writing, whether its letters, reports, or more commonly, emails. We’re now sending and receiving 35 billion email messages a day worldwide,that’s a lot of writing!
The Challenge in Business writing is not in having a rich vocabulary, or in coming up with interesting & exciting events; we will leave this to novel writers. The challenge in business writing is in choosing the right words and style that express exactly the meaning that we want to convey, without resulting in any misunderstandings. This is exactly what Kalimat is all about. It puts you through a real life business simulation where you have to correspond to angry customers, colleagues and superiors, and only your business writing will determine your business results!

Key Learnings

By undertaking this course you will be able to be clear, concise, and comprehensive in business writing, also ensuring to send the correct information.

Is it right for me?

Do you send more than 10 E-mails a day? In this case you need to attend this course. In Kalimat, we will enable you to achieve your business objectives through your writing skills.

What will it cover?

  • Principles of business communication
  • Business Terminology: new and obsolete
  • The Five C’S of quality writing
  • Professional writing process
  • Tone and Style
  • Writing E-mails
  • Punctuation

LOGIC Methodology

The first English business writing simulation!
In Kalimat, you will go through a simulation that mirrors the real work experience of business writing. Through the simulation, you will experience the effectiveness of your writing correspondences on your business results. The simulation is designed in a way where teams are competing towards achieving a certain business target, but the trick is that they can only achieve it through their email wordings.

  • Bringing Words to life

Kalimat’s unique essence is that its simulation includes real-time interactions that occur between different stake holders. The purpose of this relation is to ensure you are able to handle all kinds of different situations. Examples of these situations are pitching a proposal, handling client complaints, and requests. Interactions do not only include client-service provider interactions, but it also includes communicating internally with different stakeholders.

Duration :      2 Days

Capacity :      8 -12 Participants

Language :    English

Fees :             2,250 EGP

2017-10-22 09:00:00
2017-10-23 17:00:00