Value Proposition Canvas





The world is changing…...Business as usual is dead

You need new tools, new skills and new mindset.

Sometimes you feel like:

  • There should be better tools to help you create value for your customers and your business

  • You might be pursuing the wrong tasks and you feel insecure about the next steps

  • It is difficult to learn what customers really want

  • The information and data you get from (potential) customers is overwhelming and you don’t know how to organize it

  • It is challenging to go beyond product and features toward a deep understanding of customer value creation


Value Proposition Canvas will help you overcome those challenges.

The Value Proposition Canvas makes explicit how you are creating value for your customers. It helps you to design products and services your customers want.

Value Proposition Canvas adopters include a wide range of Fortune 500 and FT Global 500 companies, as well as other leading global organiza- tions around the world. They use the Canvas in incredibly diverse ways. Applications span from strategic reorientation and building entirely new businesses at the corporate level, all the way to better understanding of B2B clients and on-boarding senior executives and new employees.

Ways to apply the Value Proposition Canvas:

  • A shared language, leading to better strategic conversations and better ideas on the table.

  • Understand patterns of value creation

  • Leverage the experience and skills of your team

  • Avoid wasting time with ideas that don’t work

  • Design, test and deliver what customers want

Program Content:

One Day:

  • Introduction to the Business Model Canvas

  • Introduction to Value Proposition Canvas

  • Case Studies

  • Mapping your Existing Value Proposition

  • Testing your Value Proposition

Target Audience:

Middle Managers- Senior managers

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2025-06-09 20:13:00