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Huthwaite Coaching Skills

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What’s Unique?

Huthwaite’s Coaching Skills is a very solid & numerical tool that aids managers to fervently coach & manage their sales organizations 

Key Learnings
  • Understand the reasonable demands that a coaching culture makes & develop the skills required to meet those demands
  • Understand & be able to explain the differences between coaching & mentoring
  • Learn & practice the fundamentals of coaching & the art of getting the best out of people
  • Overcome poor performance
  • Become skilled at helping people generate solutions, motivating implementation
Program Content
  1. Understanding the manager as a ‘scarce resource’ – tools for prioritizing coaching and evaluating payoff.
  2. Diagnosing performance problems - getting to the causes behind the symptoms – knowledge, skills, attitude, and external blocks.
  3. Identifying coaching opportunities in your work environment and structuring coaching sessions for the available time.
  4. Behavior Analysis as a tool for modeling and measuring skill – Huthwaite’s research into coaching skills – matching the style to the situation by varying the behaviors.
  5. The Persuasion styles – skills for dealing with ‘resistant’ learners – skills for developing, agreeing, reviewing mutually agreed solutions.
  6. Case study – generic or customized – giving benchmarking and practice opportunity in a variety of coaching situations.

LOGIC Methodology

Huthwaite Coaching Skills is based on insights from research followed by intensive/engaging practice that is based on 3 types of activities:

  1. Behavior recognition exercises
  2. Behavior generation exercises
  3. Role-plays & case studies

Participants get out of the program with an accurate, numerical & easy to follow Action Plan that will reinforce all the learning

Target Audience:
Any employee in the organization who is responsible for developing the performance of others 
Duration :      2 Days
Capacity :      8 -12 Participants
Language :    English & Arabic 
Fees :             3,000 EGP

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