LEAD - The Art of Engagement


What’s Unique?

Have you come across any of these alarming statistics?

  •         “78% of your employees are disengaged and looking for new jobs!”
  •         “3 Years is the average time spent by a millennial in the workplace”
  •         “75% of the total global workforce will be made up by millennials by 2025 “

Based on such facts we keep us asking ourselves “Why isn’t there a MAGICAL way to keep our people engaged to the job, workplace and organization?” LEAD – The Game of Engagement – program enables your leaders to understand different generations in your organization, utilize their intelligence and engage them through using the MAGIC approach.

Yes, there is a way to engage your team. Call it MAGIC!

Key Learnings
  • Drive employee’s intelligence through the multiplier way.
  • Understand how to deal with millennials workplace challenges.
  • Develop leadership confidence through amplifying personal strength.
  • Applying the MAGIC way for employee’s engagement.



Program Content

  1.LEAD Multiplier Effect 

Utilizing people intelligence


• Leader power on his people intelligence 

• Extracting people intelligence

• Multiplier leader Vs diminsher leader

• Team utilization through multiplication

2. LEAD Strength

Confidence starts with strength

• Confident leaders only multiply others

 • Understand your Strength - (Assessment)

• Identify team strengths

• When to develop a weakness

3. LEAD Millennials

Generations gap inside an organization

• Mind the gap (gen X,Y,Z)

• How millennials reshaped the workplace

• Obsolete management techniques!

4. LEAD MAGIC Techniques

Developing Engagement intelligence





Program Content:

II. Autonomy




 “The Power to shape your             work and environment in              ways that allows you to               perform at your best”


• Let go of control
• Autonomy and alignment matrix
• Factors that drive performance
• Creating accountability
• Ingredients of autonomy


II. Growth


     8“The growth and                        development of people is the      highest calling of leadership”


• Growth matrix
• Coaching myths
• Foundation, communication and knowledge about coaching –Assessment 

• Coaching GROW model


LOGIC Methodology:

2. Assessment Centered


  • MAGIC – Employee Engagement Assessment. Participants get the chance to know their level of engagement and to which employee’s category they belong to.


  • Standout – Strength Based Assessment: Participants get the chance to know their top key strengths with an action plan for development


Target Audience: 

Any people manager that has people reporting to; Supervisors & Managers


Program Content


4.1. Employee Engagement

• Breaking engagement myths
• Engagement is a two way street
• Engagement vs. satisfaction
• Categories of employees inside the workplace

Assessment – Measure Your Engagement

 4.2. Drivers of Engagement

MAGIC Techniques


I. Meaning

   “It is impossible to have a great life unless it is ameaningful life. And it is very difficult to                   have a meaningful life without                 a meaningful work”

• What makes some leaders more          inspiring than others?
• Meaning and influence
• Provide the “Why” not the “How”
• Design aligned values for meaningful work environment
• Draw a vision for others to see

Program Content:

IV. Impact

7  “Seeing positive, effective, and     worthwhile results from work”


•The power of words on performance
•SCARF Model

    • Status
    • Certainty
    • Autonomy
    • Relatedness
    • Fairness

•Is money a motivator?
•Motivators & de-motivators
•Daniel Pink motivation theory

V. Connection  

9“The sense of                              connecting to the people            inside the organization, the          feel of belonging to one another”

• Trust & integrity in leadership
• Task leader vs. relationships leader
• Leadership styles
• The effect of task orientation on performance
• Eye Opener. How much do you know about your Team?
LEAD (Action Plan)

LOGIC Methodology:

1. Research Based Program

In logic’s leadership program we bring you the latest research findings and practices in the area of people development to get the best out of them. The Program is based on three key researches in the area of leadership development.


  • Multipliers – How the best leaders make everyone smarter.
  • MAGIC – The five keys to unlock the power of employee’s engagement.
  • Standout – Explore personal talents for leadership confidence and employees retention.




Duration:     2 Days

Capacity:     12 -20 Participants

Language:   English & Arabic

Schedule Runs

2012-09-10 09:00:00
2012-09-11 17:00:00