Strategic Pharmaceutical Selling

pharmaceutical sellingThis course is mandatory for all medical representatives to start their career in a pharmaceutical company, whether having previous experience in other companies or not. It will provide them with the knowledge of the pharmaceutical market, as well as the basic skills & behaviors necessary to perform their job, in addition to using micro marketing principles to profile their customers in order to set call objectives and conduct more professional sales dialogue






Program contents:

  1. The pharmaceutical market challenges
  2. Effective selling... What it takes
  3. 5 steps selling process
  4. Prospecting
  5. Personality Styles and buying motives
  6. Pre-call Preparation & Objectives setting
  7. Getting attention through call opening
  8. Art of Probing
  9. Presentation Skills (verbal & non verbal)
  10. Use of visuals
  11. Persuasive presentation (Features, Advantages & Benefits)
  12. Handling customer responses (Positive response & handling objections)
  13. Getting commitment & closing
  14. Post call analysis & follow-up
  15. Different customer buying motives
  16. Role play 
Duration 3 days
Language English and Arabic
Participants 8 - 15
2,700 EGP

2012-05-27 09:00:00
2012-05-29 17:00:00