What’s Unique?

Unlike most of the sales training programs that focus on one aspect of a sale, Huthwaite’s ASMS lays its focus on collectively combining all elements of the selling process, making the program a comprehensive & rational experience. Huthwaite has produced set of models which will help participants understand the complex rational selling environment & plan a series of strategies which will help them reach their goal: Winning profitable business while developing loyal customer relationships.

Key Learnings
  • Develop the customers’ perception of the value of your solution
  • Reach and influence all the key people involved in the decision making process
  • Influence the customer’s decision criteria in your favor by understanding their decision making process and the actions you need to take at each stage
  • Analyze your position versus each of your competitors and plan a strategy for strengthening your position against each one
  • Minimize the customer’s perception of the risks involved in making a decision in your favor
  • Map the critical incidents during the planned implementation and develop appropriate strategies for addressing these issues with the customer
  • Develop long-term customer relationships
  • Produce a significant increase in sales revenue and profitability
  • Build long-term partnerships through pro-active account development
Program Content

Buying Cycle:

  • The psychological phases of complex, comparative buying behavior.

Account Entry Strategy:

  • Focus of Receptivity
  • Focus of Dissatisfaction
  • Focus of Power

Buying Criteria:

  • Principles of competitive advantage – macro and micro, hard and soft differentiators
  • Decision Guidelines – how customers evaluate competitive offerings
  • How to influence Decision Guidelines in your favor

Customer Concerns About Risk:

  • Why sales stall close to the decision
  • Why selling skills don't help
  • How to resolve concerns to your advantage


  • The 'motivation dip' and why it happens
  • Strategies to avoid motivation dip

Account Development:

  • Pro-active strategies to maintain your dominant position and handle competition
  • Building the long-term partnership

NB: participants are required to attend Huthwaite SPIN before attending Huthwaite ASMS

LOGIC Methodology

This program teaches a combination of strategic concepts, planning processes and skills. Its overriding objective is to ensure that participants improve their effectiveness by integrating research theory into their real life selling strategy.

To achieve this the program is structured as a workshop. Teams compete to make a major sale to a simulated key account.

As the major concepts, processes or skills are introduced, participants have to apply them to the simulation, by making tactical decisions and roleplaying with members of the simulated 'buying team'. They then receive objective feedback and evaluation of their performance.

After each key phase of the workshop, participants apply their learning to create a strategic real-case campaign, which is formally presented to the trainers by the end of the program

Target Audience:

Highly appropriate for sales managers, account managers, sales executives and any other specialists tasked with the management of long- cycle sales involving multiple influencers/decision makers, strong competitive activity and a perceived risk for the customer of making the wrong decision.

Duration :      3 Days
Capacity :      8 -12 Participants
Language :    English & Arabic 
Fees :             6,500 EGP

Schedule Runs

2012-01-08 13:09:00
2012-01-10 17:00:00