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“There is always a clue.” ~ Gil Grissom : Crime Scene Investigation

In a crime scene, investigators and detectives are always looking for evidence that link to the crime. They are detail-oriented, inquisitive and analytical. When they begin inspecting, they first try to conclude “WHAT WAS GOING ON?” before the murder by giving attention to small details. They then start acting-out all the possible scenarios that include a conflict between the victim and the murderer. Afterwards, they start “ANALYSING” the possible motives behind the murder; whether it was a hate-crime, a crime out of vengeance or psychological disorders. Subsequent to determining the cause of the murder, they start brainstorming “WHAT ACTIONS COULD BE TAKEN?” And based on their findings they start taking decisions.


LOGIC invites you to solve the mystery of who killed Mr. Ali, one of the richest businessmen in Egypt.


Out of 4 suspects you need to determine who committed the murder. So, was it the beautiful secretary who was after his money? Or was it Mr. Karim Sadek, his main competitor? Don’t forget about Ahmed El BOB, whose temper is beyond intimidating. Finally, Mrs. Nadia his long-time business partner.


We need your problem solving skills as well as your team collaboration in order to investigate who committed the murder!


Why Without A Trace?
Improve and enhance participants’ effective problem solving skills and teamwork in a theatrical experience that will make participants fully immersed in the theme and the story, making the learning fun and memorable.

How will they solve the murder mystery?
Without A Trace is an experiential day where participants will become aware of the importance of effectively understanding what was going on, analyze what could’ve happened and decide on what to do next with the murderer! It is an outdoor Problem Solving event for detectives.

Event Milestones:

1. The Kick Off
Detectives will be divided into teams and will be introduced to their investigation; by watching a movie of the victim and the suspects.

All teams will compete in figuring out who killed Mr. Ali through following the traces of the suspects. An interrogation will be done in the training room to try to understand each suspect’s possible motives










2. The Investigation
Each team of detectives will receive files that will include all the tools detectives need in an investigation. The file includes: A description of the suspects along with clues of their whereabouts the day of the murder.

Teams will go outside to trace the 4 suspects’ footsteps and visit 6 locations that the suspects have went to, they will be asked to play activities, follow traces, interrogate witnesses and find evidence

Once they are back, each team will have to get the evidence out and start analyzing them to reach conclusions




3. The Verdict
After each team comes up with a conclusion, teams will have to sit together in order to come up with the final verdict and determine the criminal, after that they have to go out again in search for him and capture the criminal from his hiding place.




4. Debrief Session 

• What is a problem?  
• How do I find the cause?
• Searching for Information
• Why is Problem Analysis difficult?
• Problem Analysis

o Specify the problem – IS/IS NOT
o Find the distinction
o Identify changes
o Develop possible causes
o Test the possible cause




Duration         1 day          
Language Bilingual
Date Tuesday 16th of September 2014
Venue Movenpik Hotel - Media City



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