Creativity & Critical Thinking


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What’s Unique?

Creative thinking will help you reach your full potential. In a complex and fast changing environment, “off the shelf” thinking is not enough. You have to think “out-of-the-box”. Only this way you will be able to reconcile contradictory objectives, find innovative solutions to difficult problems and make decisions in an environment  in which there are lots of unknowns.

Key Learnings

You’ll learn how to unlock your mind and get off the well-beaten path by thinking out of the box.

Program Content
  • Unlock Your Mind
    • Definition of Creaitivity
    • Importance of Creaitivity
    • Barriers of Creaitivity
    • How to unlock your mind
    • Process of Creaitivity
    • Get out of the box: basic creative thinking skills
    • Critical thinking: what is It? Why does it matter?
    • Right brain, left brain, brain sprain: understanding your preferred approach
    • Beyond brainstorming: creative problem solving methods
    • We’ve always done it this way: getting past negative people
  • Unleash the Beast
    • Feeling more comfortable with the creative process
    • Using individual brainstorming
    • Using the mind map method
    • Ways to Boost your Creaitivity
    • More ways to Boost your Creaitivity
    • Becoming aware of the role of your emotions
    • Using your creative potential to tackle complex issues

Target Audience:

All employees in any level in the organization. This course is designed to stimulate the creativity within every person.

Duration:        2 Days

Capacity:        12-15 Participants

Language:     English & Arabic

Fees:               1,850 EGP



Schedule Runs

2014-09-03 09:00:00
2014-09-04 17:00:00