Fundamentals of Marketing

We live in a world where marketing affects all our choices. Marketing is what makes you prefer one brand over an equally good brand. It is what makes you go to a certain restaurant of buy a certain brand of footwear. Marketing is the art of influencing people without them noticing and if it is done correctly it can have a magical effect on your product or service. Are you ready to enchant your audience?

What will you learn?

You will learn more about proven successful marketing strategies. This course gives you an overview of all marketing practices and tools and how to effectively use each and every one of them
By the end of this course, you will be able to integrate all your learning by coming up with your own marketing plan by the end of the course.

Is it right for me?

Whether you are a manager in business to consumer- or business-to-business market, if you simply have an interest in marketing as part of your career development and seek to understand the importance and role of the marketing; then this course is for you.

Course Curriculum

In this course you will learn the basic elements of marketing as a function. Additionally you will be able to prepare a marketing plan for any product or service. The course covers the following:

  • What is marketing?
  • The History of Marketing
  • Password to Effective Marketing: P O I S E
  • The Marketing Mix
    • Product
      • The Product Life Cycle
      • The Boston Group Matrix
    • Price
      • Popular Pricing Strategies
    • Place
      • Wholesalers, Retailers and the Internet
    • Promotion
      • Personal Selling, Sales Promotion, Direct Mail, Exhibitions, Sponsorships, Packaging, POS Displays, TV Advertising, Outdoors, Newspapers & Magazines, Radio & Cinema, Internet, Public Relations, Customer Relationship
  • Customer Behavior & Marketing Research
  • Marketing Planning
  • The 10 Most Important Laws of Marketing
  • Marketing Warfare
Duration 2 days
Language English and Arabic
Participants 10 - 18
1,980 EGP

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